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The DECU journey

Welcome to DECU!

Dermal Expression Cellular Upgrade.

Now that you’ve learned a little about what DECU is,

where do you start?

What Do I do First?

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Step 1

Book a private session with one of our DECU certified practitioner

Step 3

Start the DECU Journey and sign up for DECU Level One

Step 4

5 Steps of the DECU Journey

  • Experience a DECU session with one of our DECU partitioners

    Bring awareness to the unconscious programs your cells are running and how they are being reflected into your life.

  • DECU Foundations: Absorbing the 7 Elements of Consciousness

  • DECU Level ONE... Choose from our 3 DECU Level ONE Courses

  • DECU Cerification: Become a part of the Inner Circle

  • OMcodes... Learn advanced methods that will CHANGE Everything!

Reprogram your cells, Reprogram your life.

Next if you feel you are ready to become the master of your body and your life, take the DECU foundations course. This lays the platform for the DECU journey. In this course you will absorb the 7 elements of 7 states of consciousness.


The 7 elements support the structure of advancing to very high states of consciousness. This course is required to move into DECU level one.


Now you have absorbed the 7 Element and created the foundation of the DECU journey... the time is Now! The next step in the DECU journey in one of our 3 DECU level one courses. Pick the one you feel most passionate about!

DECU for the Light Body

DECU Face Reading

DECU Body, weight loss


In the DECU level one courses you will learn to trace your own cells and identify toxic programming that keeps you stuck.


By the end of this 4 week course you will be able to do DECU for Self. Change your cells intelligence and upgrade molecular intelligence!

This is required to move into DECU Certification

Now you have learned to do DECU on your own cellular intelligence.

Want to keep going? 

Are You Ready to Become the NEW You and start a Journey into Limitless and Expansion? You are Here to change the World ONE Face at a Time!

“Eternal youth isn’t about getting to a place where you will be happy with the skin you are in… The goal will never make you happy. As you consciously choose to awaken your skin cells, you grow into who you truly are. The Soul connection becomes stronger and life becomes magical! It is who you are becoming that makes you happy.”


"Hello... I really wanted to share this amazing DECU experience...With someone besides my husband!

So, I hope this is not TMI, but I know a lot of women deal with cramps. Mine have been severe for over 35 years, despite lots and lots of energy attempts for healing. I worked with DECU today and I traced the energy... and it came down to a belief system that was in my subconsciousness from the mass consciousness. It started in my uterus and ran up to the base of my skull at the "mouth of god".

Ready... this is insane, but I looked it up on Wikipedia! It is the story of Adam and Eve. What a bunch of propaganda! (I was raised Lutheran.)

Women should suffer in childbirth and are to be ruled over by thier husbands. It is a woman's fault that there is sin in the world. There is probably more, but I no longer write down deleted programs.

Now... I AM in perfect balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects for the New Human.

My cramps went away and I was able to work the whole day! This is really big for me. And then, New Earth Pathways was about claiming Goddess Power.

Thank you for letting me share. You all have taught me soooo much!"

— A Member of the Soul Family


This Virtual online course includes over 16 hours of Live workshops as well as a library of recorded workshops to enhance your journey into becoming a DECU Face Reading Practitioner. This is the start of a career path, the Eternal Gold Inner Circle.


After completing this 8 week course you will be fully certified to perform DECU on clients. Our DECU practitioners are making up to $300 an hour! Start a journey that creates healing, freedom, wisdom and expansion!


You become a member as a DECU Face Reading Certified Practitioner and an Inner Circle Affiliate. As part of the Inner Circle you have become an inner circle family member of Eternal Gold. We offer ongoing training on products and any new development on DECU methods! You also have the ability to become an Inner Circle Affiliate and make $ on product sales!


This is the next step to become a member of the Eternal Gold Inner Circle! Once you complete the Certified course you step onto the platform of Eternal Beauty. Together, we create Oneness. It is my purpose to create a circle of light that supports, encourages and holds you in love, as you ascend to the frequency of Eternal Life.

What to advance to the NEXT?

Code the NEW Human with OMcodes!  This advanced DNA ascension process is for those ready to code to advanced states of Being.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.  DECU Cert and an entry interview is required for this course. 

Start your day and book a session with one of our DECU partitioners